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Michal Silverberg MBA, Managing Director at the Novartis Venture Fund

Michal Silverberg

Managing Director

Cambridge, MA, USA


Michal Silverberg MBA is a Managing Director at the Novartis Venture Fund in Cambridge, MA, USA. Prior to joining NVF, she was Senior Partner at Takeda Ventures and was also at Novo Nordisk in Business Development and New Product Commercialization. Since 1998, she has held positions in various sectors of the life science industry including in the Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel, VC and in global pharmaceutical and biotech companies. She received her BA in Economics and Business Management from Haifa University, her MBA from Tel Aviv University, and her MSc in Biotechnology from Columbia University, NY.



  • Adicet Bio (IPO)
  • Cavion (Acquired by Jazz Pharmaceuticals)
  • Forma Therapeutics (IPO)
  • Viamet Therapeutics (Acquired by NovaQuest Capital Management)