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Exits the NVF team has secured

We have taken over 70 companies to a successful exit since setting up the Novartis Venture Fund in 1996 – that is three on average per year. These exits have primarily resulted in IPOs and M&As, with several drugs receiving FDA approval.

  • Nearly 40 companies completed initial public offerings (IPO)
  • Over 30 progressed to a merger and acquisition by a number of top pharmaceutical companies

Our expert team takes an active approach

The NVF team is made up of people with expert backgrounds in science and business development, as well as vast experience bringing new therapeutics and pharmaceutical products to market. Our focus is developing novel therapeutics and platforms that address unmet needs and deliver clinical impact.

We like to employ a very collaborative, hands-on style of investment that sees us work closely with the leadership and management of each company as a member of the board. We believe that analyzing the depth of your team is as important as studying the science behind your product.

How we evaluate a potential investment

Open to investing in life science companies at any stage of growth, our primary focus is on seed and Series A stage investment. What we look for principally are products under development that address an unmet clinical need. Once this condition is met, we review all non-confidential information available about the company and conduct an in-depth examination of its people, technology, data, finances, and exit ambitions.

After that, the evaluation process begins with a confidential discussion with the company. This is then followed by a thorough due diligence process. This meticulous approach enables us to make informed investment decisions and aligns with our commitment to support innovative solutions that meet critical clinical needs.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

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