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What kinds of companies does the Novartis Venture Fund invest in?


Our dedicated team invests in cutting-edge companies that drive innovation across the entire life science spectrum. Whether at seed stage or in later phases of development, we passionately support transformative ventures poised to deliver groundbreaking products.


Currently managing approximately USD 750 million, our life science venture fund is strategically positioned to make impactful equity investments in pioneering biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies.


We actively seek out opportunities that demonstrate exceptional potential. Our objective is to contribute to the advancement of solutions and foster innovation within the life science sector.

What therapeutic areas does the Novartis Venture Fund invest in?

While we do work with innovative life science companies and teams developing novel therapeutics and platforms in the biotechnology and biopharma space, we do not invest in medtech or diagnostics.

Addressing unmet patient needs is our overriding ambition. We want not only to deliver significant return, but also to create real clinical impact.

teams approach

The Novartis Venture Fund team’s approach to investing

We prefer an active, hands-on style of investment, one major element of which involves taking a seat on the company board. This enables us to collaborate closely with leadership and management.

Understanding the science behind your product, as well as the experience and expertise within your team, is key to achieving significant returns and clinical impact.


See what we’ve achieved so far 

Since 1996, the Novartis Venture Fund has been growing and developing innovative life science companies and products across North America and Europe, creating more than 1,000 jobs.


We work with life science innovators across the healthcare spectrum

Find out more about the companies, products and therapeutics the Novartis Venture Fund team is working with and investing in around the world.