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Bart Dzikowski, Managing Director and Head of Transactions & Legal at the Novartis Venture Fund

Bart Dzikowski JD

Managing Director, Head of Transactions & Legal

Basel, CH


Bart Dzikowski is a Managing Director at the Novartis Venture Fund and is its Head of Transactions & Legal, based in Basel, Switzerland. Prior to joining NVF, Bart held various senior roles in Novartis' Transactions groups. Before joining Novartis in 2009, he was a VP with Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Investment Banking in New York and, previously, a transactions attorney at the law firm of Allen & Overy in New York. Bart holds Juris Doctor and Civil Law degrees from McGill Law School in Canada and is a member of the New York State Bar.



  • Enterprise TMEM16A (Acquired by Roche) 
  • Inflazome (Acquired by Roche) 
  • Oculis (IPO)