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Anja König PhD, Global Head of the Novartis Venture Fund

Anja König

Global Head of NVF

Basel, CH


Anja König PhD is the Global Head of the Novartis Venture Fund in Basel, Switzerland. She was previously a Managing Director at NVF investing in Switzerland, the UK and the rest of Europe, as well as Asia/Pacific. Prior to joining NVF, Anja was an Associate Partner at McKinsey and Company in New York, where she worked with healthcare companies in the US, Europe and Emerging Markets. Anja holds a PhD in Physics from Cornell University. She is active in the Swiss start-up ecosystem and is a member of Stiftungsrat and Stiftungsratsausschuss of the Swiss National Science Foundation. She also serves on the board of Sensirion, a publicly listed Swiss engineering company.



  • Arctos Medical AG (Acquired by Novartis)
  • Bicycle Therapeutics (IPO)
  • Covagen AG (Acquired by J&J)
  • Forendo Pharma (M&A)
  • Genedata (Buy Back) 
  • Heptares Therapeutics, Ltd (Acquired by Sosei)
  • Nabriva Therapeutics (IPO)
  • PharmAbcine (IPO)
  • Qurient Therapeutics (IPO)