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We’re investing in the future health of patients worldwide

The Novartis Venture Fund was created to foster innovation, drive significant patient benefit, and generate superior returns by nurturing and investing in innovative life science companies.

Our fund invests in a wide array of companies working in biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals at all stages of growth and development.

We manage over USD 750 million in committed capital and more than 40 portfolio companies across North America and Europe.


Where we focus our investment

Through the Novartis Venture Fund, we look to grow and develop novel therapeutics and platforms that we believe will address unmet patient needs across the healthcare spectrum and the world.

Whether an early-stage startup or later-stage company, we take a hands-on approach to investment, working closely with board and management to deliver real clinical impact.


We invest our expertise and experience

Split between our bases in Basel, Switzerland, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Novartis Venture Fund team has proven expertise and talent developing innovative new drugs and treatments.

Our team members have strong backgrounds in life science and growing businesses. They have achieved great success investing in biologic drug discovery and development.